What is working? What isn’t? We assess your current situation and talk about what you'd really like. Then, we book our first session to get started together.


This is where we create the essential foundation for your system. We talk about categories and the unique ways in which you tend to look for information.


We sort through your outdated file cabinets or boxes (or bags). We toss the stuff that doesn’t matter and we organize the papers that are important into the new system.

Fine Tune

A few weeks later, we  re-evaluate your comprehensive, custom system to ensure it is structured to best support your needs.

Custom Paper & File Management Systems

Whether you’re starting with a partial system or digging through bags and boxes, we will help you sort through what you need most and create a system that works for your specific needs and circumstances.


  • “The Revamp” 12 hours, $860. The most popular package. Great for average sized households and basic small businesses
  • “System Overhaul” 24 hours, $1680. Great for creating systems for inherited responsibilities. For more involved small businesses. Or major catching up.
  • Hourly rate: $80/hr. Ideal for check ups and adjusting systems that are working pretty well but could be better.

All sessions have a three hour minimum to ensure swift progress. Bulk packages expire within 3 months.

Let's get in touch!

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