Lauren Mena, Professional Organizer

Lauren has been organizing folks for over five years. By listening closely, she is able to pinpoint what matters to her client, what works, and what doesn’t. She knows that no two people handle their paper in exactly the same way and is insightful in figuring out systems that work for each individual and business.

Going beyond space organization, Lauren focuses on paper and informational clutter. Unlike other objects, organizing paper can be quite tough because it’s all conceptual. You can’t just move it around, you have to have a plan that must be exactly the way you are likely to think in the future. Fortunately, Lauren has a real knack for pulling order out of a conceptual tangle.


Thanks to Lauren, I now have a simple, logical system for every piece of paper that comes in as well as my digital data. I can put my fingers on any document in 10 seconds or less.

Jean G., Lafayette, CA

She created a filing system that can expand or contract, depending on my needs and added a portable component for daily use. What a time saver!!
Tracy F., Pacifica, CA

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