Small Businesses

Your small business is running you. You would be happy to pass on some of the work, but the files and records are in such disarray that you don’t know where to start. Just thinking about tax time is enough to wreck your day.

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Home Administration

You’re spending too much time taking care of last minute crises, from missed deadlines to late bills. You take care of a busy home and all of the administration and responsibilities that comes with running the house.

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You have recently taken over the paperwork and administrative duties of a relative or friend. You have boxes of paperwork to sort through with urgency, and need to figure out what’s going on so you can best help your loved one.

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Custom Paper & File Management Systems

Lauren has examined the inner workings of dozens of homes and offices. She knows that no two people handle their paper in exactly the same way and is insightful in figuring out systems that work for each individual and business.


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